Integrated real-time
data solutions

Our hardware and software tools streamline development, deployment, and monitoring for your measurement systems. Scalable solutions for fleets of connected devices.

Measurement systems

Scribe Loggers integrate your sensors, monitor the flow of your data, and control your environment.

Internet connected

Access your data from anywhere with built in WiFi and ethernet or our cellular add-on.

Data in sync

Stream your data to Scribe’s cloud services or your on-premises servers using our APIs.

Deploy quickly

Interactively develop your measurement system using a variety of sensor communication protocols.

Measurements at scale

Scribe loggers and software are engineered to gracefully manage large fleets and big data.

Monitor with confidence

Real-time visibility into your data and AI-powered alerts to handle the unexpected.

Scribe Logger

Easy to deploy. Ambitiously powerful.

The only environmental data system with built in connectivity, realtime visualizations, and alerting.

Connect your devices to Scribe’s Cloud service for seamless remote monitoring and to access metrics across your fleet. Data syncs over WiFi, ethernet connections, or cellular to ensure your devices are always online.

Custom Solutions

Measurement systems built by Scribe.

Scribe has extensive experience building measurement and control systems, automating processes, and managing data at scale.

Contact us for a free technical assessment to determine if our products or custom solutions meet your needs.

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